L.S.Rajaram Iyer, the great Sanskrit scholar, who is the grandson of Sri.Nataraja Sharma was a popular personality in the field of Education. Our family proclaims to the World The Spiritual Values of Faith, Repentance, Forgiveness and Prayer. Spirituality is our Family’s powerful and important source of strength. 

‘Aanmeega Semmal’ Sri. R.M.S.Sangeetha Senthiil, the Grand Daughter of Sri Rajaram Iyers (Maternal) proudly presents the launch of LSR – The ONE STOP ONLINE SHOP for all puja products. R.M.S.Sangeetha, gained her graduation in Business Administration. She embarked her career in Media and reached a pinnacle in creating, producing and directing meaningful Spiritual Events & Programs. 

The paternal family on the other hand were into traditional Business since 1945. The renowned “Sri Meenambigai Stores” was inaugurated and owned by our grandfather Sri.Subbaiah Pillai and we still run the bustling business in Madurai. 

I take immense pleasure in culminating the spiritual values and the ethics of traditional business into an online e-commerce platform to enhance the experience of spiritual wellbeing. 

We are elated to introduce, Our President Thiru.A.P.Senthiil, who has been into the path of divinity for more than two decades. This Online e-Commerce platform is the brain child of our beloved President. It’s his idea to join hands with the craftsmen from local villages and connect them with the needy customers across the globe, who believes in quality products that are cost effective too. 

On that note, I present to you – LSR Puja Products, the digital ONE STOP SHOP for all your Spiritual Needs. Let’s together make this world a better place to live and let live with divinity.